Our Dogwoods are in Bloom!

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It's launch day! What a better time to launch than in Spring, when our inspiration, the dogwood blossoms, are blooming! Our initial offerings focus solely on two images depicting these beautiful flowers. We've adorned several items with these images, including wall art: framed and unframed fine art photographs, canvases, and encaustic works, plus everyday usable items like notecards, mugs, yoga tanks, and keepsake boxes. Not all items are available yet, so check back often. Dogwood Series purchases benefit The Alzheimer's Association, and here's why:

The meaning of the dogwood blossom is "Love undiminished by adversity." Adversity is part of all of our lives, and it can be heartbreaking. Amazingly, love is often resilient enough to survive. But there are many adversities that carry a burden so heavy, love can be crushed under the weight, if people have no support. So our mission here is to show love, when those in the midst of adversity are struggling.

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease, to both the person diagnosed, and to their families. Especially the ones close enough to be the caregivers...the husband; the wife, the son, the daughter. Or even a friend. At the same time these caregivers are feeling blessed that they can be there for their loved one, the burdens of that blessing are heavy. And they're hidden, because caregivers often don't share the details with others while their hearts are breaking watching their loved ones' minds slip away. Caregivers themselves can lose their health if they don't have the support they need. The Alzheimer's Association does wonderful work in this area.

There's another charity we're going to support with a future series, and that's Covenant House. At the other end of life from Alzheimer's, there's youth, full of promise. Being homeless is a fear we can all understand on some level, but it's unfathomable to think about being homeless as a child, and the filter of crushed hope they must be seeing the world through. Whether poverty or neglect put them on the streets, kids are vulnerable to unthinkable dangers without a safe home. We want them to know love, so they can become people who can know that love prevails. Covenant House helps young people get off the streets and provides them the loving care they need. They are "the largest privately funded charity in the Americas providing loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth."

Our art items will be made to order, and we will get them packaged and shipped out immediately when they're finished. Please allow 2 weeks for production and shipment. We would love for you to join us in sharing undiminished love to those who need it. Please subscribe to our newsletter for new art releases, specials, and more.

Thank you! <3



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