Fern Collection has grown!

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To celebrate the first day of Spring, I've expanded my Fern Collection. This means you have more options when using my "bring the outdoors in" trick for making your rooms look bigger. (Not really MY trick, but one I finally understood a few years ago. Read about it in last year's blog post: Make Your Rooms Look Larger .) Additions to the Fern Collection include this painted fern rescued from my archives. Even photographers forget to print their photos sometimes. SO SO grateful that this image was preserved on an old hard drive, since that's not always the case with digital images. This fern had a more muted green color than some of the more saturated green ones I've photographed, and so even those living in locales with more muted colors outdoors (deserts, seasides) can achieve the effect by decorating with plants and botanical photos. Happy Spring!


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